The Business Mechanism endorsed as a permanent feature of the GFMD

The Global Forum on Migration and Development Summit took place from 10-12 December 2016 in Dhaka, Bangladesh under the chairmanship of the Government of Bangladesh. Please find the report of the 2016 GFMD Chair here.

For the first time, the private sector was invited to participate as an independent GFMD stakeholder. Ms Linda Kromjong, Secretary-General of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE), delivered the report on the work of the GFMD Business Mechanism at the GFMD Opening Ceremony.

The Business Mechanism launched a position paper during a well-attended business meeting. Entitled The Business Case for Migration the paper addresses the recommendations and roles of the private sector in promoting a coherent and comprehensive migration strategy and toward meeting the global compact on migration.

The paper highlights six key policy issues:
(1) the global need for workforce mobility;
(2) the matching of skills to labour market needs;
(3) fair recruitment and decent work opportunities;
(4) integration and social welfare of migrants;
(5) the role of entrepreneurship and circular migration for development; and
(6) engagement in public discourse to promote positive perceptions of migrants.

The speakers on the panel represented governments, private companies, business associations, as well as the civil society. They highlighted the need for international skills mobility and for fair and ethical recruitment practices. Programmes for matching skills to labour market needs were also presented. Read the Summary report of the GFMD Business Mechanism meeting in Dhaka, IOE’s communication, as well as CFGI’s press release.

Link to the Dhaka Business Event.

In Dhaka, the Business Mechanism was endorsed as a permanent feature of the GFMD and will continue its work under the 2017-2018 co-chairmanship of Germany and Morocco.

The 2017 GFMD Summit will take place from 28 to 30 June 2017.