Business and Migration: Strengthening the dialogue between the Private Sector and Governments

Access to Skills: business perspective on regional mobility – learning from the now to shape the future

 2-3 July 2019, Tunis, Tunisia

The International Organisation of Employers (IOE), strives to improve the dialogue between businesses and governments on migration related issues. For that purpose, IOE hosts the Business Mechanism, which provides inputs to global State-led initiatives, including the Global Forum for Migration and Development (GFMD) and the Global Compact for Migration (GCM) since 2016. The Business Mechanism will organize a regional workshop for North Africa, in Tunis, Tunisia on 2-3 July 2019 on “Business and Migration: strengthening the dialogue between the private sector and governments”. The focus of the workshop would be on the business perspective on regional mobility and access to skills.
The Business Mechanism represents companies and employers’ organisations in various industries, of all sizes and from all regions of the world. It mobilises business, organises its positions on migration issues and facilitates its participation in government-led processes to provide the private sector perspective on migration policies, thereby raising awareness among governments of businesses’ needs.
Over the past three years, the Business Mechanism has published various documents with a global dimension. In view of the implementation of the GCM, it aims at analyzing how these global recommendations can be implemented at regional level.

The workshop will take place in la Marsa, Tunisia.

Bringing Business to the GFMD



Watch the following video to learn more about bringing business to the GFMD. The GFMD Business Mechanism was endorsed at the 2015 GFMD Summit in Istanbul as a platform for businesses to engage with Governments and other stakeholders on migration. We address issues of workforce mobility, skills and labour market needs matching, fair recruitment and decent work conditions, social welfare and public perception.

5 reasons to participate

Decrease the Difficulty and Cost of Recruitment

Shape policy that would ease recruitment efforts, decrease costs, and help scale your business. Improvement in migration policies and frameworks will allow your company to attract and retain top talent. The dissemination of evidence-based regional and global data indicating benefits from talent flow is necessary. Your expertise and experience are invaluable as we refine migration policy recommendations.

Make your Company Shape the Rules of the Game

The UN member states are negotiating a historic compact that aims to establish a global framework for managing migration. We are giving business a voice in the negotiations. We offer an avenue to contribute to the solutions of one of the largest current global challenges: the vast number of migrants moving around the globe.

Share Strategies for Integrating Immigrants into Your Workforce

The demographic challenges will make it harder to fill positions in your company. The economic case for migration is well proven. The private sector is a key actor in integrating immigrants into the workforce and thereby contributing to closing the skills gap.

Network with Peers and Engage Policymakers

We bring together business representatives from around the world and from a variety of industries. Our events convene representatives from national governments and international institutions, giving you a chance to hear from policymakers and share your perspectives.

Acquire Tools to Navigate the Complex World of Migration Policy and Regulation

Business and migration intersect in many ways. The Business covers a wide range of migration issues, giving you a fuller understanding as to the complexities of migration policy.