Private Sector and the GFMD

The Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) is the key international forum to address migration and development interconnections, with a focus on action. It is an informal, non-binding, voluntary and government-led process that reflects the progressive acknowledgement of the value of multilateral approaches to migration and development.
Issues of workforce mobility, skills and labour market needs matching, fair recruitment and decent work conditions, social welfare and public perception are matters of public and business policy. Governments and the private sector have a shared responsibility to identify labour migration policy solutions that:
                       A) Allow governments to exert their regulatory mandate
                                                                                                     B) Are adequately flexible and responsive to business needs
                                                                                                     C) Ensure the protection of labour migrants at all skill levels.
The GFMD can significantly strengthen its added-value for sound migration policy by promoting public-private dialogue within its framework. In the past years, a number of efforts through thematic meetings, regional initiatives, informal consultations and roundtables have started to pave the way to bring business leaders to the GFMD tables. Determined to fill the empty seat at the GFMD tables, the GFMD Business Mechanism serves as a platform for businesses to engage with Governments and other stakeholders on migration issues.
The International Organisation of Employers (IOE) and the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Migration (WEF GACM) coordinate the work of the GFMD Business mechanism. Together they form the Business Advisory Group. A GFMD Business Secretariat is housed at the IOE.
Why is the private sector engagement important?
Migration is in the news everywhere. Governments recognize that we need a multi-stakeholder solution to the governance of migration. The private sector is the main jobs and services provider for migrants. Join us to strengthen our role in advocating for a regulatory environment in which labour migration policies support business and development to create jobs and economic growth.