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Mixed Migration

For more information about mixed migration, read our full concept note.

Mixed Migration: A Brief Background

Seismic demographic shifts which have created large skills gaps throughout the world provide a possible opportunity for the private sector, civil society and governments to work together on concrete practical solutions to the crisis around massive flows of migrants and refugees. Connecting this talent pool to global work opportunities benefits the private sector, workers, and worldwide economic development. Improving the global immigration system is necessary to facilitate the successful integration of refugees and migrants into the labour force, as well as meet gaps in the labour market.

Topics Reviewed by the Committee

  • Skills identification and matching: Role of the private sector to connect migrants to employment.
  • Skills assessment, certification, and recognition: Role of the private sector to bring international understanding to education and licensing systems.
  • Skills development and integration: “Global Skill Partnerships” as a model for “quadruple win” (workers, private sector, country of origin, country of destination).
  • Refugee-specific solutions: Emerging pathways that account for labour market skill gaps and refugee skills.

Recommendations from the Private Sector

    1. Implement best practices, innovations and models that the private sector uses to identify, train and integrate talent through global mobility.
    2. Explore current practices and innovations which can facilitate the identification and matching of global talent to private sector demand across all enterprises.
    3. Create proper tools to assess and validate education, work history, and skills.
    4. Implement additional trainings, including language, softskills, and cultural and workplace integration efforts to ensure successful, long-term employment of refugees and migrants.
    5. Recognize the benefits of Global Skill Partnerships.


Business Best Practices

Identifying best practices is one of the first steps to improving migration systems and creating new, innovative solutions. See below for various presentations from our business partners that provide insight for best practices:

Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB): a project that aims to connecting skilled refugees with employers around the world. Watch this video on TBB’s candidates who have arrived in Australia.